Mobile Partition

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By utilising mobile partitions, room sizes can be changed in an instant. This flexible solution means users may simply create the most efficient use of floor space whether it’s dividing a school hall into two different multi-purpose areas for physical activities, or splitting a large conference facility into smaller seminar rooms by sub-dividing the space. Permanently installing floor-to-ceiling partitions may be efficient, but if you should ever need to change the layout of your office you can be stuck with immobile partitions exactly where you don’t need them. Choosing portable partitions allows you to reconfigure your partition layout as your business needs change, while still providing virtually the same level of privacy and sound insulation as permanent partitions. They can simply be wheeled and stacked away while not in use.

A particularly pressing problem during offices hours in a typically brutal Australian summer, partitions make for excellent sun screens and allow employees to keep the sun out of their eyes and away from sensitive skin without having to close window blinds and plunge the whole office into darkness. Thicker partitions can also offer a certain measure of heat insulation, keeping employees out of the uncomfortable heat of direct sunlight.

Mobile Partitions come with a pair of feet with Heavy Duty castors (Adds 80mm to height)

  • If you require a partition size other than listed, please email your request to or call 1300134009

    SK Premium with aluminium framing to top and two sides


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